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Burns Street Custom Home 
Floor Plan: 993 SF

Crafted for a mother, daughter, and their cherished pet, this modern residential interior design epitomizes functionality and contemporary allure. Throughout the house, durable wood grain tile flooring ensures resilience against daily wear from the family's furry companion.

The open kitchen and family room layout facilitates seamless interaction, while a cleverly designed partition distinguishes the foyer from the living room, maintaining an open feel. Darker tones in the sunlit kitchen create a striking contrast, while lighter hues in the living room compensate for limited natural light, cultivating an inviting atmosphere.

The bathroom showcases a modern flair with gray tiles sporting geometric patterns. Eschewing a formal dining room, a cozy breakfast area caters to intimate family dining experiences. This design harmonizes practicality with aesthetic sophistication, catering precisely to the family's needs while radiating the essence of contemporary living in every detail.

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