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Frequently Asked



Q: What services are included in furnishing?

A: In our furnishing plan, all material sourcing is included with their price and contact. That way you can buy the items in just one click.

Q: Do you provide renovation services?

A: We do! Our team can assist in any part of your renovation process. If the tasks are beyond our scope, we have contacts with excellent local people who can help you! 

Q: Once I get your drawing, do I need to commit to your team to finish my renovation?

A: Absolutely not! We do offer construction services, but you do not have to stick with us. Our designs and drawings are universally recognized and understood. You can take our drawings to your contacts and shop around. We highly recommend you taking the drawing to see who can provide you with the best quote!

Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Our pricing depends on the scope of your project. We will be able to quote you a price after understanding your goals and unique design needs.  


But to give you an estimate: 

Furnishing a room: from $1200 a room

Bathroom design: from $1500

Full Bathroom renovation: from $8,500

Kitchen design: from $3,000  

Full Kitchen renovation: from $10,000

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