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Kitsilano Family Home

Floor Plan: 4500 SF

  Simple and Soothing Scandinavian Custom Home

​Designed from scratch, this custom home presents a Scandinavian style in furniture, finishes, materials, and fabrics: simple but sophisticated. Creating a cohesive and modern look, the furniture features curves and straight lines, using a minimalist approach.


Making the space sleek yet inviting, the neutral colours such as white and beige are applied to the entire room scheme. Selected carefully in order to add a dash of colour, the accessories complete the decor, to illustrate, the vase with green plants on top of the kitchen counter.


In the living room, the wooden floors are juxtaposed with white and grey rugs, creating an impressive effect. Integrated with the Scandinavian style, the open layout gives the home a natural and soothing flow from one area to another.

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