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Summerfield Single Family
Floor Plan: 6,400 SF

2017 Georgie Award Finalist ( Architecture & Interior Design) 

This home design caters perfectly to the client's lifestyle. The primary white walls resemble an art gallery, ideal for showcasing the owner's rotating paintings. Formal spaces like the library, living room, dining room, and main kitchen are separate from the family areas, ensuring functionality.

Unique features include a living room alcove for a grand piano, a formal kitchen with marble finishes for entertaining, and a family kitchen with a blackboard wall for notes. Personalized touches like stick-on lettering and a lady's dressing room add charm. A 200-bottle wine wall, a wet bar, and a theater room in the basement cater to entertainment needs.

Materials like chopped wood evoke a cozy ambiance, while the second-floor lounge with transom windows offers serene views. Playful zebra prints reflect the children's preferences. Overall, this design harmonizes aesthetics with functionality, reflecting the client's taste and enhancing their daily living experience.


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