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2021 Interior Design Trends

Happy new year! There’s a lot of look forward to in 2021, one being the new designs on our radar. We’re excited to share the 2021 interior design trends we’ve been seeing and will be implementing in our own design.

1. Warm & Earthy Colour Tone

The leading paint brands Dulux and Sherwin Williams unanimously chose earthy colours as the 2021 colour of the year!

The two colours to watch out are, Urban Bronze from Sherwin William and Dulux’s Brave Ground. These are perfect for any interior space or exterior spaces!

The earthy colour system makes people feel warm and transform the space into a very homey environment. Many designers will also add earth colours to the all-white or gray designs that were popular in the past to enhance the warmth of the overall design.

Source:DuluxSherwin Williams

2. The use of natural materials such as rattan furnishing

We’re excited to see natural materials at the forefront of design in 2021. In comparison to the artificial materials, such as plastic and acrylic, more people will choose to use natural materials to emphasize a more authentic and raw personal style.

Rattan design is a natural material chosen by many designers. You’ve probably seen this everywhere. On the one hand, its soft curves and lines create a very tranquil look. On the other hand, the rattan design makes people feel at ease. The great component of natural materials is that they don’t go out of style.

3. Retro style like grandma's Grand Millennial

There is a new term for interior design called grandmillennial, or you may have heard of Granny Chic. This style brings design elements from the 1970s and combines them with modern design. It alludes a warm feeling, similar to the feeling you get when you return to grandma’s house!

This common retro style includes colourful and bold wallpapers, pillows, special antique porcelain and handmade furniture. There is no right or wrong with grandmillennial, it’s all about creative expression and using different patterns and texture to spice up a space and show you personality. We do recommend being mindful of how the colours complement each other!

Source:House Beautiful

4. Home Office Design

We don’t need to tell you twice that this pandemic has affected every part of our lives. One being the transformation to working from home. This has dramatically transformed our home office and the direction of interior design.

One important key element to a home design is a place where you can actually do work. Physical clutter is highly related to mental clutter. Having a large and multi-function storage space is very important during this time. A clean and simple background is important for your zoom meetings or video conferences. But the most important element to a home office is distraction free- from children, family, noise, and other elements.

Source:Mansion Global

5. Use Indoor Plant

Green plants can not only purify the air, but also changes the vibe of a space. As we’re home more than usual, inviting some natural elements - plants can help source up your space. Scientists say that having a green environment can positively boost your mood!

In 2021, both dried and fresh plants are in. So don’t worry if you can’t keep your plants alive!

Source:Linhan Design

6. Sustainable Design

In response to environmental issues we’re facing, many interior designers have begun to adopt sustainable design techniques.

This includes using second-hand furniture, transforming and reusing waste, choosing environmentally friendly materials, and even developing new materials made from recycled products.

In addition to reducing waste and harm to the environment, these designs can sometimes create unexpected design styles, such as the retro nostalgic effect of second-hand furniture. This is the perfect combination with granny millennial!

Source:ArchuteReal Homes

If you’d like a more in-depth version of this blog, be sure to watch our video!

That’s all! What do you think? If you’d like to incorporate any of these designs in your home, feel free to contact us! We offer a free quote.

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