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30-year-old Oakridge House Renovation

The trend of interior design changes over time, making the once popular designs from the ’90s look totally outdated today. Below, a client’s house located in Oakridge, Vancouver, illustrates the classical interior design elements of the ‘90s, including etched glass with ornate patterns, deep magenta colour, golden frames, and dark marble tiles.

Today’s bathroom design is minimalist, modern and Scandinavian in style, primarily using white colour tones and an open design concept without over ornamentation. Looking at the remodelled bathroom, its use of white tones and its contemporary style, light up a previously dull and unattractive bathroom, turning it into a luxurious bathroom spa. The design layout of mirrors, concealed LED lights, and windows improves the sense of spaciousness. The free-standing bathtub becomes a focal point in the bathroom, creating a simple but luxurious vibe.

The frameless glass shower enclosure replaces the old etched glass with ornate patterns and a golden frame, blending cleverly into the white surrounding.

In the ‘90s, dark wood cabinets dominated the appearance of the kitchen, but today, the white colour takes the stage. The top cabinets are renovated with white flat panels, brought out by the grey backsplash and medium wood-toned bottom cabinets. Additionally, an I-shaped island placed in the center of the kitchen with a light colour tile floor constitutes a scene of a modern kitchen.

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