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Vancouver Building Permit submission Process update

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Since March 30th 2020 ,the Development and Building Services Centre has closed temporarily and changed the building permit submission process due to Covid 19-outbreak. This article will guide you how to submit a building permit in this pandemic in just a few simple steps

Step 1

● Contact the Development and Building Services Centre by email at or by phone at 604-873-7611 and request an intake .

● Prepare an application package and refer to the application submission checklists and other resources. Then provide a PDF set of all drawings maximum 20MB with your email.

● Then wait 4- 6 weeks for processing time.

Step 2

● Once you received the confirmed email for your appointment. In advance of your appointment, along with your confirmation email ready in the form of email or hard copy, come to the Services Centre to drop off your hard-copy application package (all drawings and documents).

● If you have your invoice ready you can pay in person or online later depending on when your plan checker issues the invoice.

Step 3

● At your scheduled appointment time, the plan checker will contact you by phone to discuss your application and ask any questions they might have.

● Please do not come to the Services Centre for your scheduled appointment but be available by phone at the number you gave when you booked it.

Step 4

● If the submission package is complete and acceptable, your plan checker will open the application in the system.

● Then, the customer service will contact and tell you the payment options, you have an online account with the city of Vancouver and choose to do so, you can pay the application fee online. If not, the cashier is open and you can come in to pay fees without an appointment and remember to bring your invoice with you.

Once the permit is done, you will have to schedule the pickup date with the city

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