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Residential Project Collections

Burnaby Loft Conversion

Small room, Smart makeover
After the makeover, a small and cluttered study room becomes a neat and tidy loft room. Given a high ceiling in the room, a high bookshelf is designed for increasing storage space; likewise, built-in drawers underneath an elevated bed maximize room space cleverly. The blue colour paint and wooden finish add a splash of personality to the room, shaping a soothing and warm atmosphere.

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Whistler Residence

Located at a prime location in Whistler Village, this vacation home is a place where our client and her kids&friends stay during the ski season. The Interior design combines traditional and contemporary elements, creating a balanced look with black and white colours. The carpets and wooden colours are added for keeping warm, physically and mentally, in Whistler's cold winter.

Arranged thoughtfully, the use of natural materials such as marble and wood connects the interior with nature outside. Considering people bring skiing gear to the space, the flooring material is waterproof and soundproof to reduce impact; also, a customized closet is designed to place skiing and snowboard gear.

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Initially, a stable is on the first level and unused storage space is on the second level. After renovation, the space is converted into a modern two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite. Alongside an office, a bar and a gym are incorporated into the design. Preserving the original walls and ceiling, the interior design features dark grey accents, infusing an industrial and contemporary ambiance.

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Napier Residence

Floor Plan: 2,519 SF

A contemporary farmhouse-style residence was created to suit the needs of a young couple who recently acquired a new property. Following the renovation, the previously cramped kitchen and inconvenient hallway were transformed into an open area, seamlessly integrating with the dining and living rooms.


By merging the two existing bedrooms, a more spacious master bedroom was formed, complete with a walk-in closet and an ensuite bathroom. Adorned in a soothing white color scheme, the entire space exudes a serene ambiance.

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Viewstar Tower Residence

Floor Plan: 857 SF

This design project is tailored to meet the needs of a single female client, transforming the apartment's three rooms into a bedroom, a dressing room, and an art studio. Because the client enjoys entertaining friends, a small bar area has been set up on the balcony, providing a space for guests to sit and enjoy the sunset. The overall design incorporates dreamy elements favored by women, creating a charming and captivating living space.

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