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5 ways to elevate your outdoor space for the summer

It may seem like we’re halfway through our summer season, but it just started getting hot in Vancouver. As a Vancouver-based Interior design firm, we work with a lot of clients to elevate their interior spaces. It wasn’t until more recent times, that people started to focus a bit more attention on the outdoors. To celebrate the warming weather, we’re sharing 5 simple and easy ways you can elevate your outdoor space for the summer. These design upgrades will help make your backyard a bit more comfortable and more enjoyable for these summer months.

1. Add Shade

We all want to look sun-kissed and get some sun on our skin. However, we should all have the option to hide from the sun when needed. It’s important that all backyard spaces include at least some areas of shade for eating, office work, or just general lounging. We love investing in a large and beautiful pergola that can tie your space nicely. You can even hang lights and curtains off of them to make it cozier for the evening time.

If a pergola isn’t right for your space, try adding a couple of massive umbrellas. The plus side of this is that it can move around as needed.

2. Lighting

Photo by @lifebyleanna

Outdoor lighting is essential, even if it doesn’t get dark until late. Adding light around your space can elevate your outdoor space immensely. Lights don’t have to take the typical form of light sconce or lamps but can take a creative spin.

Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Firepit

  • Lights wrapped around your trees

  • Unique Wall sconce

  • Pathway lights

  • Whimsical floating bobbles

  • Lanterns

  • Hanging lights across the yard

Please be careful with lighting hazards and where your light is pointed. We don’t want to annoy any of your neighbours.

3. Outdoor Rug

Photo from Pure Joy Home

This is the simplest transformation you can make to your outdoor space. Rugs are a creative piece to add to your home - both inside and out.

When buying a rug, ensure that it’s big enough to fill the space. Is it covering the entire deck? Your run should also withstand any and all outdoor elements. We also recommend rugs made of polypropylene as they are the most durable and resistant to water and fading. Another pro tip is to buy a washable rug. One that you can throw into the wash at the end of the season and use indoors!

4. Adding a water feature

I love Japanese garden design and take a lot of inspiration from the way that they create a zen space. One feature that they often utilize is water. The sound of water flowing is extremely calming and can help mask some of the unwanted sounds of traffic in your area.

We recommend water fountains that recycle the water. This is especially useful in Vancouver when it rains every other week!

5. Matching your colours

When we’re working with indoor spaces, we always follow the same colour scheme. This applies outdoors as well. Consider the colours of your flowers and see how they can be complemented by the colour of a pot, your patio furniture, the plates on your table, the rug and even your house. Everything flows together nicely to avoid any clashing. Creating a cohesive colour scheme will instantly elevate your outdoor patio.

That’s all for now! Be sure to check out our YouTube video where we talk about these tips in more depth and show some examples. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about an interior or exterior design, give us a call!

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