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Colors and palettes of 2022

As Interior designers, we're constantly analyzing the newest design trends to see how we can best use them for our clients. We’re mid-way through 2022, which is a great time to identify the best colours of this year and see how you can incorporate them into your home.

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams

Photo from Sherwin William's website

Every year, Sherwin William releases their colour of the year. This year was no exception. In 2021, they played into the need for comfort with Urbane Bronze (SW 7048). This was a sophisticated twist on classic design and added depth to the neutral home designs. This year, they continued to play upon classic and nostalgia design and deemed Evergreen Fog (SW 9130) as their 2022 colour of the year.

This year, we’ve been seeing this colour everywhere! Signaling growth, new beginnings, and revitalization. This colour has been used to rejuvenate a space. In contrast with Urban Bronze which symbolized calm and safety, Evergreen Fog symbolizes growth and a new year forward.

We have been seeing this colour used throughout the home on walls, ceilings, cabinets, and more.

Pantone’s Very Peri.

Photo from Pantone's website

This year, Pantone created an entirely new hue as their colour of the year! This has never been done before and the colour reflects that boldness. The colour of the year is Very Peri (17-3938). A stunning combination of blue and vivid violet with some red undertones. Symbolizing energy, consistency and excitement.

In contrast to 2021, Pantone had two tones, Ultimate Gray (17-5104) and Illuminating (13-0647) both on the more neutral and calm side. This year, they emerged with a bright and new colour.

While this is a bold colour, we’ve been seeing it all over the design space. Oftentimes, colour trends appear in residential design but this colour has been appearing in commercial design too. We recommend pairing Very peri with neutral such as taupes and creams, or even deeper shades like navy or brown. As it is quite bold, you can match the boldness by painting your walls this colour or opt for something a bit more subtle. Try it on pillows, wallpaper, art, or throws. This is also a perfect opportunity to play up textures like velvet, leather, or grasscloth. Our favourite thing about this colour is that it encourages creativity and forces us to reconsider colour.

Valspar's Gilded Linen

Photo from Gilded Linen

Finally, we’re featuring Valspar’s colour of the year, Gilded Linen. This colour fits the theme of strength and growth but it’s also the most neutral colour that we’ve seen. Gilded Linen (6002-1A) is an organic white that mimics grace and nature. It’s an extremely multi-use colour and can be used on multiple surfaces. According to Sue Kim, their marketing manager, A simple neutral like Gilded Linen emphasizes our desire to have a home that is clean and organized. A great transitional color, it is perfect for entries and hallways connecting spaces throughout our home.”

If you’re looking for a new white, try this warm neutral white with hints of blue and grays. Pairs great with warm wood to create a cozy and well balanced home.

That’s all for the colours of the year! If you’d like to see some of these colours used in practice, be sure to check out our Youtube Video, 2022 Trending Colours for Interior and Exterior design.

As always, if you're looking for a Vancouver Interior designer, contact us today!

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